Intermediate Piano Course

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>$1000 in Piano and Music Theory Lessons!

+50 Intermediate Piano Exercises

+10 Unique Pieces

+10 Video Demonstrations


1. Dotted/Sixteenth Notes and Simple vs Compound Time

2. Interval Qualities: Perfect, Major, and Minor

3. Interval Inversions and Aug/Dim Intervals

4. Triad Chords

5. Triad Inversions, “Sus” Chords, and Slash Chords

6. Seventh Chords

7. Roman numerals and Diatonic Chords

8. The Four Musical Cadences (Authentic, Plagal, Deceptive, Half)

9. Non-Chord Tones

10. Secondary Dominant and Diminished Chords

Course Description

This intermediate course is for students who already have a basic understanding of interval sizes and scales.

By the end of this course, you will be able to learn and play intermediate classical pieces entirely on your own. You will also learn music theory equivalent to that of an intro college course.

You may contact the piano instructor: Ivan, for additional questions.