Beginner Piano Course

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Start Learning Piano Today!

+10 Beginner Piano Songs

+ 10 Follow-Along Video Tutorials

+ Over 30 Exercises


1. C Position, Tempo and Time Signatures 

2. Treble Clef and Ledger Lines 

3: Bass Clef, Rests and Repeats

4. Music Dynamics and Slurs 

5. Whole/Half Steps and Interval Sizes 

6. Eighth, Dotted, and Tied Notes

7. Accidentals and Enharmonic notes

8. Order of Sharps and Major Scale

9. Order of Flats, Chromatic Scale, Stacatto

10. The Circle of 5ths and Minor Scales (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic)

Course Description

This is a course for beginner students who have never learned piano, or may need a review of the basics.

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to play major and minor scales, read key signatures, and play with both hands.

You can contact the piano instructor: Ivan, anytime for additional questions about this course.

Items Required:

Beginner Piano Lessons

-Upright/Grand Piano or Electric piano (88 keys recommended)

Beginner Piano Lessons

-Physical or Digital Metronome

Beginner Piano Lessons

-Piano Bench or Chair