Free Music Lessons

#3 Fly Me to The Moon- Piano + Guitar Cover

Chord Progression:

Verses 1-3 Amin7 or Amaj7 -> Dmin7 -> G7 -> C7 -> FMaj7->Bdim -> E7 -> (Repeat)

Bar 44: Amaj7-> Dmin7(x2 bars) ->Bbmaj7 (x2 bars) ->Gmin7 -> Gmaj7 -> C

Free Music Lessons

#2 Great Fairy’s Fountain by Koji Kondo- Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Advanced)

Extended Chords Used

This song makes use of extended chords and their inversions. Sevenths are not listed because they just omit the 9th.

The following chords are shown below:

  • Cmaj9: C E G B D
  • Gmin9: G Bb D F A
  • Fmaj9: F A C E G
  • Dmin9: D F A C E
  • F#dim11b: F# A C Eb G# Bb
  • F#dim9: F# A C Eb G#
  • Gmin11: G Bb D F A C
  • Cmaj13: C E G B D F A

Lesson Plan

1. Practice Right Hand Top Melody First

2. Play Top Line Melody Grouped with Bottom Triad

3. Memorize Left Hand Fingering and Follow Metronome (Starting BPM: 30-45BPM)

4. When practicing with both hands, proactively practice from memory and separate hands on difficult sections. Focus your attention to the hand that’s struggling (most likely your left hand).

Free Music Lessons

#1 Dire Dire Docks by Koji Kondo- Super Mario 64 (Intermediate)

Chords Used

Six chords and their inversions are used in this song.

  • G major: G B D
  • F major: F A C
  • Eb major: E G Bb
  • d minor: D F A
  • a minor: A C E
  • C major: C E G

Lesson Plan

1. Learn One Hand at a Time with Metronome.

BPM: 60-80

Left hand uses a 5-2-1 fingering while playing root -> fifth -> root note (hold)

Right hand is more challenging as they occur on off-beats. Practice getting these on time first.

2. Play both hands at a time with a metronome

BPM: 40 (start) – 124 (normal)

Use a metronome starting at a SLOW speed. Practice section by section, and gradually raise the metronome after playing perfectly.