Free Music Lessons

#1 Dire Dire Docks by Koji Kondo- Super Mario 64 (Intermediate)

Chords Used

Six chords and their inversions are used in this song.

  • G major: G B D
  • F major: F A C
  • Eb major: E G Bb
  • d minor: D F A
  • a minor: A C E
  • C major: C E G

Lesson Plan

1. Learn One Hand at a Time with Metronome.

BPM: 60-80

Left hand uses a 5-2-1 fingering while playing root -> fifth -> root note (hold)

Right hand is more challenging as they occur on off-beats. Practice getting these on time first.

2. Play both hands at a time with a metronome

BPM: 40 (start) – 124 (normal)

Use a metronome starting at a SLOW speed. Practice section by section, and gradually raise the metronome after playing perfectly.

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