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“-highly recommended to anyone interested in learning piano, whether they are beginners or advanced players. The lessons are easy to follow, making the learning process enjoyable and efficient. 

+Classically trained

+Teaches students of all ages

+Makes learning the piano fun

+Certificate of Merit 2016, CA (Advanced Level)

Free Piano Lessons

#3 Fly Me to The Moon- Piano + Guitar Cover

Chord Progression: Verses 1-3 Amin7 or Amaj7 -> Dmin7 -> G7 -> C7 -> FMaj7->Bdim -> E7 -> (Repeat) Bar 44: Amaj7-> Dmin7(x2 bars) ->Bbmaj7 (x2 bars) ->Gmin7 -> Gmaj7 -> C

#1 Dire Dire Docks by Koji Kondo- Super Mario 64 (Intermediate)

Chords Used Six chords and their inversions are used in this song. Lesson Plan 1. Learn One Hand at a Time with Metronome. BPM: 60-80 Left hand uses a 5-2-1 fingering while playing root -> fifth -> root note (hold) Right hand is more challenging as they occur on off-beats. Practice getting these on time…

Classical Recordings:

Goldberg Variations by J.S Bach

Modern Recordings

Legend of Zelda: Great Fairy Fountain by Koji Kondo

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